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 Carterville Zoology & Ecology


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Ecology is the study of the interactions between organisms and their environment. This course provides a background in the fundamental principles of ecological science, including concepts of natural selection, population and community ecology, biodiversity, and sustainability. Students will acquire an “ecological literacy” about how the natural world works, and develop an understanding of how scientific methods are used to construct ecological knowledge. The course will also explore some of today’s major ecological challenges, and the important research that is being done to address these concerns.

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Zoology is a course that will survey the nine major phyla of the Kingdom Animalia, from simple sponges to enormous whales. Zoology is a course that deals with the study of animal life. Zoologists research everything they think to ask about animals, including their anatomy and interrelationships, their physiology and genetics, and their distributions and habitats. Human beings have been zoologists for as long as there have been human beings. As humans, we are intricately tied to animal life – we’ve depended on many of them for food, work, and friendship throughout our evolution and history…not to mention that we are animals.

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